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The Wolf-Dog Circus (WDC)

An exotic pet trade and exploitation.
The Wolf-Dog Circus (WDC)

The "Wolf-Dog Circus" is the breeding, inbreeding, trafficking, exploitation, perversion, con artists, plight, subculture, identities, social status, social media, ego-trips, self-gratifications, entertainment, celebration, merchandising, performances, exhibitions, promotions, deceit, fraud, scams, shams, carnival, ticket sales, amusement, clubs, groups, groupies, cult, communes, calamity, travesty, tragedy, suffering, death, ignorance, misunderstanding, hoarding, vanity, infatuation, ridiculousness, roadside attractions, petting zoos, deceptions, propaganda, contradictions, misinformation, minced words, mixed messages, doublespeak, weak mission and position statements, corruption, half-truths, untruths, lies, pretending, misrepresentations, exaggerations and monies that revolve around wolves and wolf-dogs — the star attraction exploited by wolf and wolf-dog breeders, promoters, for-profits and "nonprofits" alike.

The Big Picture

The following graphic is a simple and honest representation of the interdependent relationships between the people and organizations in a wolf-dog subculture that collude to perpetrate and perpetuate a genuine travesty.

The Three Ring Wolf-Dog Circus

The Supply Chain

The Wolf-Dog, Wolfdog and Wolf Hybrid Supply Chain

The Wolf-Dog Circus is a wolf-dog supply chain driven by breeders, traffickers, selfish naive owners, wannabe owners, for-profits, nonprofits, public events, social media, propaganda and pay-for-play funding. It is an exotic pet trade and exploitation machine cloaked in "doing good" attire.

A supply chain is a system of organizations, people, activities, information, and resources involved in moving a product or service from supplier to customer. In sophisticated supply chain systems, used products may re-enter the supply chain at any point where residual value is recyclable. Supply chains link value chains. — Wikipedia

The Wolf-Dog Circus (WDC) - Breeders


Female "wolves" and true wolf-dogs are used by breeders to produce multiple litters in the course of their lifetime of wolf-dog production. The wolf-dog pups, when only days old, are taken from their inherently wild (to one degree or another) and instinctually driven mother and handed over to babybottle wielding egocentric humans. Strong motherly instincts and estranged pups be damned. Make no mistake, it is an exotic pet trade. The lower content wolf-dogs you see running around on Social Media descended from hundreds, if not thousands, of higher content wolf-dogs that have paid, or are still paying, the real price for this modern day wildlife perversion. Just take a look at all of the wolf and wolf-dog "nonprofits" in the US and, now, around the world. They are full of higher content wolf-dogs and most, if not all of these organizations, in one way or another, promote the breeding and possession of wolf-dogs... job and ego trip security. And it is a safe bet that more of these "nonprofits" will continue to spring up as long as the public remains unaware of the travesty they are supporting. Of course their will always be that percentage of the public that won't concern themselves with the plight of wolf-dogs - they just want to pet, get a photo with and/or get kissed by, a so-called "wolf". They are the "bread and butter" donations, the "pay for play" funding, and the incentive, that fuels the expansion of the Wolf-Dog Circus.

"Ethical Wolf-Dog Breeder" is an oxymoron.

The Wolf-Dog Circus (WDC) - Promoters


Understanding the wolf-dog travesty requires understanding the people behind it.

All of the wolf-dog problems, all of the wolf-dogs living out their exploited lives in backyards and a growing number of pseudo-sanctuaries, result from a genuine man-made travesty.

To witness what true wolf-dogs, especially true high content wolf-dogs, must endure in unnatural and uncomfortable private and commercial possession leaves those of us with true understanding, empathy and compassion pondering the question "Who thinks this is a good idea?".

Could it be those those that sometimes call themselves "wolf people" or "wolfdog people"? Those that are inspired and motivated by:

Note: The ASPCA does not recognise wolf-dogs as companion animals and, in fact, is opposed to the keeping of wild animals as well as wild/domestic hybrids. Critical thinking, sensible and reasonable people know and understand why true wolf-dogs are not companion animals. They also know and understand why breeding and trafficking wolf-dogs is morally criminal.

The Wolf-Dog Circus (WDC) - Nonprofits


This section could more appropriately be called "The Profiteers"... and even more appropriately be called "The Unscrupulous Profiteers". For now, we'll leave it as is.

These organizations, almost entirely, are not what they once were. The wolf-dog industry has caught fire and many "wolf" attractions are marketing their wolf-dog possessions as "Sanctuaries", "Refuges", "Centers", "Rescues", "Ambassadors" and/or "Education". In fact, it appears that these organizations serve as marketing firms in the wolf-dog industry which, as you can imagine, perpetuates the Wolf-Dog Circus and proliferation of pseudo-sancturies. And they are getting the public to bankroll their "living with wolves" lifestyles with no end in sight.

Deceptions employed by organizations capitalizing on the wolf-dog travesty, a travesty that they themselves play a significant role in creating and expanding, include:

  1. Wolf Conservation
    • dialog used to garner public recognition, approval and financial support.
    • Note: Genuine and arguably more effective wolf conservation efforts don't use wolf-dogs.
  2. "Wolf" & Wolf-Dog Education
    • wolf factoid recitation.
    • often times innacurate and misleading wolf education based on physical and behavioral observations of confined wolf-dogs of questionable wolf-content.
    • wolf conservation lip service.
    • regurgitated hand-me-down misinformation originating from wolf-dog breeders.
    • veiled wolf-dog promotion via misinformation, propaganda and deception.
    • Note: Many different species of wild predators are successfully held captive with a "zookeeper" level education. The question is not "can it be done?", it is "should it be done?".
  3. "Wolf" & Wolf-Dog "Sanctuary"
  4. "Wolf" & Wolf-Dog Rescue
    • serves as the last link in the wolf-dog supply chain.
    • used products (wolf-dogs) re-enter the supply chain where for-profits & nonprofits capatilize on residual value.
    • cleans up the Wolf-Dog Circus mess therefore avoiding wolf-dog industry scrutiny and public outcry.
    • wolf-dogs are sometimes "acquired" directly from breeders for attractive reasons.
  5. Ambassador Wolves
    • are wolf-dogs of questionable wolf content.
    • are not representative of wild wolves.
    • are often times "acquired" directly from breeders for attractive reasons.
    • attract the public and garner support via interaction, "Wolf Kisses" and social media photos.
    • mislead the public.
    • inspire wannabe owners.
  6. Misrepresentation
    • the public is misled to believe the wolf-dogs are wolves via the deceptive and widespread use of the words "wolf" and "wolves".
    • lower content wolf-dogs are presented as higher content wolf-dogs in an effort to attract and impress.

Note: Unscrupulous organizations like the ones described in this section are springing up all around the country at an unprecedented rate. In fact, wolf-dog breeders are unable to keep up with the demand they inspire.

True Sanctuary

Following are a few excerpts from their GFAS Standards For Canid Sanctuaries (PDF):

  • Consistent with GFAS’ philosophy and the standards, it is expected that a sanctuary does not adopt policy positions that are in opposition to the welfare of the species of animals in the care of the sanctuary. (Page 1)
    [Note: Promoting the breeding, trafficking and exploitation of wolves and wolf-dogs is a policy position that adversely effects the welfare of the wolf species. And wolf and wolf-dog so-called sanctuaries, refuges, centers, etc., etc. are directly and/or indirectly promoting the continued breeding, trafficking and exploitation of wolves and wolf-dogs.]
  • Canids are not fasted as part of a regular feeding program. (Page 22)
    [Note: Numerous wolf and wolf-dog so-called sanctuaries, refuges, centers, etc., etc. intentionally do not feed on one to many days of the week in order to "mimic life in the wild". It sounds good, and the public buys it, but the reality is that wild wolves are extraordinarily effective hunters and scavengers and rarely go without eating each and every day of there life.]
  • No intentional propagation of canids occurs, and sound practices are in place and implemented to prevent propagation and to properly care for infants born at the sanctuary (Page 28)
    [Note: Wolves and wolf-dogs are intentionally bred and trafficked into wolf and wolf-dog so-called sanctuaries, refuges, centers, etc., etc..]
  • Infants born at the sanctuary remain with the mother as appropriate for natural rearing, provided there is no further opportunity for breeding during this period of time. Infants are only removed from females for hand-rearing if there is a threat to the life of the infant or the mother. (Page 28)
    [Note: Wolves and wolf-dogs are intentionally bred and trafficked into wolf and wolf-dog so-called sanctuaries, refuges, centers, etc., etc.. Typically, pups are removed from adults and introduced to baby bottle wielding humans when only days (not weeks) old.]
  • Canids are not taken out of enclosures/habitats or off the grounds of the sanctuary for incorporation into the education program. Canids may be incorporated into education programs utilizing noninvasive educational methods/tools, such as audio-visual presentations, webcasts, or other forms of multi-media. (Page 45)
    [Note: Numerous wolf and wolf-dog so-called sanctuaries, refuges, centers, etc., etc. take their canines from the sanctuary or enclosures/habitats for exploitation purposes. An example would be the use of so-called "Wolf Ambassadors".
  • The sanctuary does not adopt policies in opposition to the welfare of canids (e.g., endorsing the use of canids for entertainment). (Page 46)
    [Note: Wolf and wolf-dog so-called sanctuaries, refuges, centers, etc., etc. ARE entertainment.
  • No direct contact between the public and canids occurs. (Page 49)
    [Note: Numerous wolf and wolf-dog so-called sanctuaries, refuges, centers, etc., etc. allow contact between their animals and the public.
  • Canids are not taken from the sanctuary or enclosures/habitats for exhibition, education, or research purposes. (Page 49)
    [Note: Numerous wolf and wolf-dog so-called sanctuaries, refuges, centers, etc., etc. take their canines from the sanctuary or enclosures/habitats for exploitation purposes. An example would be the use of so-called "Wolf Ambassadors".
  • Fundraising activities are not distressing or negatively disruptive to canids, nor do the activities involve improper use of canids. (Page 50)
    [Note: Wolf and wolf-dog so-called sanctuaries, refuges, centers, etc., etc. are non-stop exploiting their canines in many types of events. We will expand on this subject in the near future.
  • The sanctuary rarely publishes material that portrays canids as tractable. This includes but is not limited to: photos in which staff or others are shown holding or petting canids; and canids on leashes or dressed in human clothing. In situations where text, photos, video or other media are published portraying the above, steps should be taken to add text to the publication (website, brochure, etc.) that explains the reason for the contact and discouraging the idea that the animals would make suitable pets. (Page 50)
    [Note: Wolf and wolf-dog so-called sanctuaries, refuges, centers, etc., etc. are non-stop publishing material that portrays wolves and wolf-dogs as tractable. Their actions speak louder than their words and help to perpetuate the breeding, trafficking and exploitation of wolves and wolf-dogs. In effect, they are guaranteeing the future need for wolf and wolf-dog "sanctuary".]
To learn more about true sanctuary, please visit the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries